Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Avoid the Fragrance-Free Zone with Special pricing on Ooh La Lamps...

Have you ever walked into a perfectly appointed room - no pillow out of place - and yet you have this feeling that there's something missing? There's an obvious lack of warmth in the room and it's just not very inviting to guests. When you find yourself in an environment like this, you'll quickly realize you're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. 

You've just crossed over into the 

If you find yourself trapped in the Fragrance-Free Zone, there's only one way out. Surround yourself with the magical fragrance you'll only find in Ooh La Lamps from Celebrating Home Direct. Stock up now and wrap up a few for gifts. You wouldn't want friends or family perpetually trapped in the Fragrance-Free Zone would you? Set yourself free with great prices on Avery, Olivia, or Isabella Ooh La Lamps, on sale this week for just $14 each! 

You can also save on lamp jackets for the Avery Ooh La Lamp, now just $3.50! Compare to original price of $16! Slip one over your Avery lamp and you'll see wonderful shadows cast by the light. Plus, you'll also add a little touch of flair to your room decor. 

Ooh La Lamps are easy to set up and even easier to clean and fill with fresh fragrance crystals. The switch makes it easy to turn the handy night light on and warm the fragrance crystals to fill your home, office, dorm room, or just about any room with safe, aromatic, flame-free fragrance. Try layering the fragrance crystals to create your own wonderful recipes and vibrant layers of color to accent your room of choice. 

Stock up now while our exclusive Ooh La Lamps are on sale! Happy Shopping!