Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What is a Picture Worth?

It's been said that "One picture is worth a thousand words." Though the attribution of who initially said that phrase is up for debate, the meaning remains the same. A picture can coax us out of a dark mood and fill us with peace or leave us staring in wonder at the details of the brushstroke. It can bring back our own memories or take us back in time to historical events long before we walked this earth. One picture is worth far more than one thousand words. 

Napoleon Bonaparte said, "A good sketch is better than a long speech." Anyone who has ever sat through a long speech would more than likely agree. After all, we don't hang speeches on the walls of our homes and it's quite rare to find one worthy of a museum. We prefer lovely works of art on our walls.

This week at Celebrating Home Direct, we're offering some of those lovely pieces of art at a further reduction on pricing. Save 20% off our already low prices on ten of our top selling pieces of wall art. 

Bordeaux Fruit
These are not just any wall art. These are custom framed and include a protective piece of glass to preserve the beauty for you and yours to enjoy. You'll receive your new artwork in gallery wrapping and ready to hang. 

Choose from ten different framed pieces that include floral art like Bordeaux Fruit, Majestic Fruit, or Magnolia Blossom. Or you may prefer traditional religious pieces like Sagrada Cena (The Last Supper) or Our Lady of Guadalupe Busto.

No matter the art you choose, you'll enjoy the beautiful decor much longer than a book and that's worth a lot longer than 1,000 words...

Happy Shopping to our art aficionados!

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