Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What's Your Melting Point?

You finally have a moment to yourself, so you sit down, close your eyes, and go to your happy place. Mine is the beach. I imagine the sound of the surf kissing the shore... rinse, repeat. Then I can feel the mist and sun on my face. I can smell the unmistakable aroma of sand and surf and that's when it happens.... I melt. That's my melting point, when all my stress and tension just melt away. I sink into the chair and I can breathe again.

Of course, I cheat on my journey to my melting point by setting up my warmer and Melt Moments wax melts from Celebrating Home Direct before I even sit down. It's my process to get to my melting point fast. Aromas are the hardest things to recreate in your imagination. But, if you're presented with the same smell - even years later - your brain pulls memories and the emotions tied to those memories from your long term memory and serves them up again. Sometimes our memories need just a little aroma therapy to get back to our happy place.

If you're not sure where your melting point is, now is your chance to find out while we have our Melt Moments wax melts on sale. Try a fragrance four pack for just $8.75 (originally $17). That will give you more than enough aroma fuel to get you to your melting point and relaxation.

Take a look at the combos we're offering and make your way to YOUR melting point! You deserve it!

Baked Apple Pie Melts
Baked Apple Pie four packOur # 1 selling melts! Baked Apple Pie highly-fragranced wax melts features juicy apples baked in cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla. What could be better 

Pineapple Paradise four pack -  Fresh melon, sweet pineapple and lush kiwi shimmer over soft pikake, white orchid and whispers of tuberose touched by tender musks and sheer citrus. Our highly-fragranced Pineapple Paradise wax melts will bring that island feel right into your home.

Vanilla Sugar & Berry four pack - Smooth vanilla musk and sweet woodland berries blend with touches of precious woods and sugar dusted jasmine to bring the delightful fragrance of Vanilla Sugar and Berry into your home, office or workplace. Try our highly-fragranced Vanilla Sugar and Berry wax melts today! 
Pineapple Paradise

Mango Cooler four pack - One of our top selling melts, our highly-fragranced Mango Cooler wax melt combines mango, tangerine and lemon scents mixed with star fruits and a hint of red grape. Outstanding! 

Variety four pack - Food - One Baked Apple Pie, one Blueberry Biscotti, one Expresso Bean, and one Frosted Pink Cupcake wax melt.

Variety four pack - Fruit - One Citrus Splash, one Lemon Zest, one Mandarin Mulberry, and one Mango Cooler wax melt.

Variety four pack - Floral - One Dove of Paradise, one Gardenia, one Sea Lavender, and one Sweet Pea wax melt.

Variety four pack - Beach One Beachwood Mist, one Coconut Beach, one Crisp Cotton, and one Sun & Sandcastles wax melt.

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