Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Guiding Light of Candles

Some of the earliest known candles were sacred artifacts discovered tucked within the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs. Those Pharaohs weren't paid the big bucks for nothing. They knew that their candles were not just a source of illumination, but they were also aware that something enlightening flickered in those flames.

Early Christians used candles during evening services. But, as their service times shifted toward daylight hours, they continued to include candles in their services. As a result, candles evolved into a sacred way of honoring martyrs and representing the divine light of God. For Catholics, the candle became symbolic for Christ, with the flame representing His divinity; the wick, His soul; and the wax, His body.

A modern example of candles used in a spiritual ceremony is the Unity Candle, often seen as couples take their wedding vows. In some churches, excessive use of flowers is not allowed in decorating the church for a wedding ceremony. Rather, candles are used, creating a wonderful glow that surrounds the bride and groom. 

And, while candles are still included in many spiritual and religious ceremonies and events, we often forget their rich history and consistency throughout history. In fact, some of the methods used in early candle making are still used today. 

And so, when you light your next candle, whether it's for the enjoyment of the aroma that fills the room or to provide a bit of light, remember that a candle can transform your space into one of tranquility and reflection. 

If you need to replenish your candle stash, Celebrating Home Direct is offering reduced shipping on everything in the store through March 21st. And, get FREE shipping on orders of $100 or more! 
If you haven't tried our Petite Jar Candles, it's one of our most popular! Try brand new Lemon or Rose fragrance candles, or choose from a wide selection of favorites like Monogrammed Linens, Baked Apple Pie. Gardenia, Pink Cupcake and more!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ooh La Lamps from Celebrating Home Direct...

Our most unique product, without a doubt, is our magnificent Ooh La Lamp®! There's nothing else like it. Consequently, you may have some questions about how this little wonder works. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our Ooh La Lamp fragrance delivery system. 

Answer: There is currently a patent with the USA patent office that will protect this lamp from being copied and reproduced. We are committed to protecting this patent should the need arise. 

Answer: There are many places to use the lamp, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dens, living rooms, offices, dorm rooms, assisted living or anywhere there is a plug. 

Answer: Yes, simply discard the Fragrance Crystals and wipe the inside of the lamp with a soft cloth after the lamp has cooled. 

Answer: You can layer your favorite recipe of fragrances, mix all together or use your imagination for a new and exciting look. The possibilities are endless! Here are some ideas to get your started:

Answer: Yes, the lamp is Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) approved. 

Answer: Yes, a 15 watt small base bulb is included. 

Answer: The lamps use a 15 watt bulb and never, even after extended use, get hot enough to burn anyone. The lamps can be touched and are warm to the touch. 

Answer: Yes the glass is attached to the base with a specially formulated glue that permanently affixes the glass to the base.

Answer: Yes, it is fine to leave the lamp on for extended periods of time. However, we recommend that any electrical appliance be turned off when no one is present. 

Answer: There are a number of online stores that carry the 15 watt bulb including Amazon. You can also find them at major retail stores like Lowes, Home Depot, Target and Walmart

Answer: There are no harmful ingredients used in the making of the crystals. Fragrance oil and color can contain materials that could make a child or pet ill, but they are not poisonous. 

Answer: Most of the Aroma crystals will lighten in color. The crystals are semi-transparent and will shimmer in the lamp.

That answers the top 12 most asked questions about the Ooh La Lamp but, if you have others, please don't be afraid to ask! 

This week, you can get the Avery Ooh La Lamp for just $16! But that's not all! You'll get a FREE Cross Jacket to go with your Avery Lamp, just in time for Easter! If you've been considering a purchase to try out the Ooh La Lamp, this is a perfect time to buy! Check out this week's Weekly Special to find out more. 

And, just in case you might be looking for some entertainment along with your education, here's Bob Earl Willett to explain the Ooh La Lamp in his special way...

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Introducing the New Vidrio Bello Candle Collection

Vidrio Bello Candles

Beautiful Glass. That's what the name Vidrio Bello means and it couldn't be more accurate for our new line of candles from Celebrating Home Direct.

When you hold our new Vidrio Bello candle, after admiring the glimmering beauty of the hand-molded glass, the next thing you'll notice is the weight. With coloring and weight reminiscent of marble, you'll simply love the feeling of luxury it embodies.

If you are searching for a candle collection that offers high quality and variety, this is your collection. This month, we're introducing the Spiral and Tulip Vidrio Bello candles in several fragrances including Tulip in Baked Apple Pie, Gardenia, Monogrammed Linens, and Squeaky Clean and the Spiral Vidrio Bello candle in Lemon, Pomegranate, and Mango Cooler. The Square Vidrio Bello candle will be introduced in the Fall, along with more fragrances and colors in the Tulip and Spiral variations.

Enjoy these highly-scented candles at the special introductory price of only $12.50. Market price for these beautiful candles is $30! That's so much savings for you while you still enjoy the high quality and luxury of our new Vidrio Bello candle collection. The beauty of the holder is only surpassed by the fragrance of the candle.

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How to Reduce Sooting in Candles

Step 1: Buy high quality candles. If you're buying your candles from Celebrating Home Direct, you can check that off as "done". But, when you notice soot building up or excess smoke when you extinguish your candles, there are some other measures you can take. Here are some quick and handy steps to reduce or even eliminate sooting in your candles. 

What causes soot?

Discovering what causes soot is a good first step in eliminating it. Soot from a candle is caused when there is incomplete combustion of the fuel. In layman's terms, the fuel (liquid wax) is being drawn up the wick to the flame. If the flame is disturbed, the fuel is not being delivered consistently and too much is delivered. The excess fuel is expelled as soot and smoke. Something you probably don't want. 

Avoid placing candles in drafty areas

Drafts from vents, open windows, or fans can disrupt the flame in your candles and cause sooting. Choose a spot that is free from drafts and you'll notice a big reduction in smoking and sooting from the candle. Watch the flame on your candle. If it's consistently steady, there are no drafts. If it dances or bounces, try another spot.

Try Candle Cappers or Snuffers

If you're using jar candles, try using a candle capper or snuffer when you extinguish your candle. Candle cappers regulate airflow in and out of the jar and help to reduce sooting. Jar candles can produce more sooting when the wick has burned further down into the jar due to the distance between the flame and fresh air. Candle cappers help to regulate that fresh air flow and that reduces the soot.

Using a candle snuffer not only reduces the chance of splattering hot wax on your nice things, it also reduces smoke. And, it looks very elegant and refined to onlookers and guests (bonus!).

Trim the wick

This is the easiest and quickest way to reduce sooting. Keep candle wicks trimmed to about a quarter inch. If you notice that the flame is still bouncing or unstable even when free from drafts, blow the candle out and trim the wick a little shorter. Repeat this when necessary as the candle burns down.

Buy well-made candles

Candles purchased from Celebrating Home Direct not only have the highest fragrance throw, they're made of a high quality soy wax blend, highest quality fragrance, and have the highest quality braided cotton wicks to ensure a long burn life for your candle. We have a large variety of candles available. We offer the highest quality candle for great prices - as much as 50% below market. And we're not just blowing smoke! 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Why Fragrance is Essential for Your Home

Stand in the middle of your living room and take a good look around. You've sculpted and crafted your home into a statement about you and your family. But, whether your aim was for comfy or high tone, fragrance will give your home an added dimension and depth that you, your family, friends, and visitors will remember for much longer than the color of your carpet. Home fragrance will bring back memories of their time in your home for years to come and it gives your home decor an entirely different level of "you".

Think of home fragrance like music, each room in your house deserves it's own tune. Subtle florals in Gardenia in the living room for relaxing or, if you're entertaining, an invigorating scent like Vanilla might do the trick. And, to enhance the delicious aromas that can already be found in your kitchen, a citrus scent will heighten their appetites and mix well with the fragrances of your favorite culinary creations. For the bath, you might choose a fresh fragrance like Crisp Cotton Breeze and the relaxing scent of Lavender for the bedroom. For the kid's rooms, try something fun like Mango Cooler or Pink Cupcake. Or, better yet, let the kids pick their own fragrances so they can start developing their own unique fragrance palette.

Celebrating Home Direct offers a variety of home fragrance, from candles to wax melts to Ooh La Lamps and Fragrance Crystals. You might choose for your fragrance to be delivered in a wax melt for maximum fragrance throw, or from the wide line of candles offered by Celebrating Home Direct to set a mood. Whatever you choose, you'll be layering on the final touch that will speak volumes about the statement you want your home to make.

Our newest addition, Sea Island Candles, are now available in Rose, Mango Cooler, Baked Apple Pie, and Gardenia scents. Order yours by February 14th and get the low introductory price of only $5. At these low prices, you can assemble your complete home fragrance collection! Every room in your home has a distinct feel and purpose. Enhance that with the perfect home fragrance from Celebrating Home Direct. Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

What's Your Melting Point?

You finally have a moment to yourself, so you sit down, close your eyes, and go to your happy place. Mine is the beach. I imagine the sound of the surf kissing the shore... rinse, repeat. Then I can feel the mist and sun on my face. I can smell the unmistakable aroma of sand and surf and that's when it happens.... I melt. That's my melting point, when all my stress and tension just melt away. I sink into the chair and I can breathe again.

Of course, I cheat on my journey to my melting point by setting up my warmer and Melt Moments wax melts from Celebrating Home Direct before I even sit down. It's my process to get to my melting point fast. Aromas are the hardest things to recreate in your imagination. But, if you're presented with the same smell - even years later - your brain pulls memories and the emotions tied to those memories from your long term memory and serves them up again. Sometimes our memories need just a little aroma therapy to get back to our happy place.

If you're not sure where your melting point is, now is your chance to find out while we have our Melt Moments wax melts on sale. Try a fragrance four pack for just $8.75 (originally $17). That will give you more than enough aroma fuel to get you to your melting point and relaxation.

Take a look at the combos we're offering and make your way to YOUR melting point! You deserve it!

Baked Apple Pie Melts
Baked Apple Pie four packOur # 1 selling melts! Baked Apple Pie highly-fragranced wax melts features juicy apples baked in cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla. What could be better 

Pineapple Paradise four pack -  Fresh melon, sweet pineapple and lush kiwi shimmer over soft pikake, white orchid and whispers of tuberose touched by tender musks and sheer citrus. Our highly-fragranced Pineapple Paradise wax melts will bring that island feel right into your home.

Vanilla Sugar & Berry four pack - Smooth vanilla musk and sweet woodland berries blend with touches of precious woods and sugar dusted jasmine to bring the delightful fragrance of Vanilla Sugar and Berry into your home, office or workplace. Try our highly-fragranced Vanilla Sugar and Berry wax melts today! 
Pineapple Paradise

Mango Cooler four pack - One of our top selling melts, our highly-fragranced Mango Cooler wax melt combines mango, tangerine and lemon scents mixed with star fruits and a hint of red grape. Outstanding! 

Variety four pack - Food - One Baked Apple Pie, one Blueberry Biscotti, one Expresso Bean, and one Frosted Pink Cupcake wax melt.

Variety four pack - Fruit - One Citrus Splash, one Lemon Zest, one Mandarin Mulberry, and one Mango Cooler wax melt.

Variety four pack - Floral - One Dove of Paradise, one Gardenia, one Sea Lavender, and one Sweet Pea wax melt.

Variety four pack - Beach One Beachwood Mist, one Coconut Beach, one Crisp Cotton, and one Sun & Sandcastles wax melt.

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What is a Picture Worth?

It's been said that "One picture is worth a thousand words." Though the attribution of who initially said that phrase is up for debate, the meaning remains the same. A picture can coax us out of a dark mood and fill us with peace or leave us staring in wonder at the details of the brushstroke. It can bring back our own memories or take us back in time to historical events long before we walked this earth. One picture is worth far more than one thousand words. 

Napoleon Bonaparte said, "A good sketch is better than a long speech." Anyone who has ever sat through a long speech would more than likely agree. After all, we don't hang speeches on the walls of our homes and it's quite rare to find one worthy of a museum. We prefer lovely works of art on our walls.

This week at Celebrating Home Direct, we're offering some of those lovely pieces of art at a further reduction on pricing. Save 20% off our already low prices on ten of our top selling pieces of wall art. 

Bordeaux Fruit
These are not just any wall art. These are custom framed and include a protective piece of glass to preserve the beauty for you and yours to enjoy. You'll receive your new artwork in gallery wrapping and ready to hang. 

Choose from ten different framed pieces that include floral art like Bordeaux Fruit, Majestic Fruit, or Magnolia Blossom. Or you may prefer traditional religious pieces like Sagrada Cena (The Last Supper) or Our Lady of Guadalupe Busto.

No matter the art you choose, you'll enjoy the beautiful decor much longer than a book and that's worth a lot longer than 1,000 words...

Happy Shopping to our art aficionados!