Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Key to Happiness

What is the key to happiness? An oft asked question throughout the ages. Some might say inner peace while others claim true happiness comes from being kind to others. While there are lots of opinions about what brings happiness, we have to say that a lovely fragrance wafting through your home can definitely turn a frown upside down.

Knowing that the scents you surround yourself with can definitely change your mood (it's scientifically proven!), paying a ridiculously low price can also put a smile on your face and, perhaps, even bring you inner peace. To show our support of your quest for the key to happiness and inner peace, we're offering both! 

Now through April 11th, you can get the amazingly low price of only $3 for our ever-popular Petite Jar Candles. That's $5 off market pricing. Definitely, cause for rejoicing.

You'll enjoy approximately 48 hour burn time from any of our Petite Jar Candles and our unique soy wax blend makes the fragrance last and last! 

Try out some of the following or take a look at all 17 fragrant offerings in our Petite Jar Candle lineup. And, while you're at it, be kind to others and buy a few for your friends! 

1) Cucumber Melon
1) Cucumber Melon will fill your home with a refreshing blend of fresh cut garden cucumber, honeydew melon, and citrus. Just $3 for this 7.5-ounce small jar candle! ✌
2) Try our Mango Cooler Petite Jar Candle. It's one of our best-sellers! You'll love the aroma of mango, tangerine, lemon, and star fruits blended with a hint of red grape. 

3) Baked Apple Pie Petite Jar Candle smells just like a fresh apple pie is baking in the oven! The fragrance of juicy apples combines with cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla. Your mouth will water!

6) Lemon 
4) One of our newest fragrances in Petite Jar Candles is Warm Vanilla Cream. Rich and creamy tropical vanilla are accentuated with sugary notes of mango. 

5) Who doesn't love the fragrance of fresh gardenias? Try our Gardenia Petite Jar Candle and you'll be surrounded by the aroma of fresh gardenia mingled with floral notes of rose and jasmine with lime, eucalyptus, and wintergreen. 

6) Your home or office will be filled with the scent of clean, fresh cut lemon from our Lemon Petite Jar Candle

Try these or any of our Petite Jar Candles now on sale for just $3 each! Why delay your happiness any longer? 😊

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